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Why Sport &
Social Inclusion

Research by Guthold et al. (2020, The Lancet) reported that

Australian young people (aged 11-17 years) ranked

140th least active out of 146 countries analysed. 

VicHealth (2018) report that 92% of Australian 12-17 year-olds do not meet the Australian Physical Activity guidelines of

60 minutes of physical activity every day.

With almost 2 in 3 Australian adults (63%) and

1 in 4 Australian children (25%) overweight or obese and the cost of inactivity in Australia being calculated in 2013 as AUD$805M, the need to dissolve the barriers to sport participation is essential for a healthier Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Youth Unemployment is 15.6% which is three times higher than compared to the current labour market.

At the end of 2020, one in three young people in Australia were unemployed or under-employed.

We believe that everyone has a skill to share

either on the pitch or in the workplace

& should have the opportunity to shine. 

Our Mission

Sports Kits Program

Boots For All exists to dissolve barriers to sport & social inclusion. By providing essential sporting goods via the Sport for All Sports Kits

to those in need, more children & adults across Australia will be more active, improve their health & well-being, be socially included & learn lifelong habits of regular physical exercise.


Training & Employment Pathway Program

Boots For All operates Australia's only social enterprise sports store - Sport for All that exists to dissolve barriers to social inclusion by providing an inclusive Training & Employment Pathways Program for young people with barriers to employment to increase their skills, work experience & capacity for employment.

We Need Your Support Today!

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